… art worth the name, should test the forms of our current imaginary and ask us to consider, among other matters, what life is, how it is — and if it is actually being — lived.

– Bruce Hainley

The mission of INhouse is to enrich our community by supporting creativity and imagination on both a local and international level, and to bring exciting new cultural ideas to life.

Creative expression touches us through each of our senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell – and enhances the quality of our lives with pleasure. Yet, each of these expressions has its genesis in the imagination of individuals, a person or people in a room inspired with an idea and a passion to realize it. Founded by contemporary art collector and philanthropist Brook Smith, INhouse is an entity conceived to provide space and support to creative individuals, groups, and organizations in order to foster new ideas. It is not simply a place, it is a catalyst, a nurturing framework with a vision to help imaginative talent grow.

INhouse is both a house, which can be used for organizational retreats and individual short term residencies, and a seed-fund, which supports individual projects.