INhouse is a place. It is a two bedroom house with living space and a small office studio. It can accommodate an individual alone or a group of up to four people at one time. It is a house that offers artists, musicians, writers, architects, and other creative individuals and small groups, an opportunity to retreat to a quiet contemplative environment. Conceived of as a space where guests can find time to regroup their thoughts or start to plan new work, it is an environment that nurtures imaginative development.

INhouse offers residencies of up to 2 weeks. Residency proposals should include a one-page document, in PDF form, briefly describing the work and experience of the applicant and the purpose of the residency. Please include a contact e-mail and telephone number. Residencies will be considered on their merit and shortlisted applicants will be contacted by INhouse to discuss the nature and timetable of a possible residency. Applications, with the subject line “Creative Residency”, should be submitted here.