mattea_perottaArtist Mattea Perrotta about her stay at INhouse in June 2016:

“I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to work at the INhouse residency. The architecture elements designed by John Johnansson and nature surrounding the INhouse fueled my drawings to new variables. The new skills I learnt, resources I gained, and a fresh dialogue with curator Julien Robson have given me a new perspective with my approach to my practice. The residency was a valuable experience and I look forward to continuing to develop my artwork which originated from there.”

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Artist Jenny Kendler, about her stay at INhouse in August, 2015:

“My stay at INhouse, while working on a large-scale outdoor installation for Louisville Metro Public Art, was both comfortable and invigorating. The house itself is absolutely beautiful, and is complemented by peaceful surroundings and natural views—making it a perfect setting to do creative work. I’m grateful for the way INhouse supported my practice and allowed me to focus on making the work.”

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Artist Jean Shin about her stay at INhouse in August 2015:

“After long days installing artwork outdoors, what a treat to be able to relax in the gorgeous setting of INhouse. The architecture and interior are beautifully styled and comfortable. It was also a pleasure to enjoy the space with another artist, perfect accommodations for conversation and connecting. My memory of my visit to Louisville and its surrounding neighborhoods will be anchored by the pleasant experience staying at INhouse.”

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